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02/02/2018 7:17 am

Important Information Homeowners Should Know About Termites

Termites are a very serious problem for many homeowners. To help prevent termite infestations, homeowners should become knowledgeable about different termite species, signs of an infestation and how they're controlled. Read the information below to learn important information that every homeowner should know about termites.

Various Species Of Termites Can Invade The Home

There are three different species of termites that are often found in the home. Native subterranean termites are the most prevalent species that infests homes in the United States. These termites multiply very quickly because of the multiple females in the colony that continuously lay eggs.

Drywood termites build their nests in the wood they infest and this can cause excessive damage to the structure of the home. Houses that are infested with Formosan termites will become damaged very quickly because of the huge size of their colonies, which can number in the millions.

Signs Of Termites Inside The Home

Luckily for homeowners, termites leave various clues that indicate an infestation. Homeowners should look for tubes of mud on their exterior foundation walls. These tubes are approximately six inches long and termites use them for traveling back and forth to the house.

termite control

Homeowners should look in their crawl spaces, or other areas of the home that contain wood, for signs of termite waste. Their waste will look like sawdust mounds and these piles will be situated on the ground right next to structures that are made of wood.

Termites can be easily identified because they have antenna that are straight and their front and back wings are close to the same size. Termites will lose their wings soon after fertilization when they begin to build new colonies.

Control Options For The Eradication Of Termites

Pest control companies use various methods of extermination to get rid of a termite infestation. Chemical pesticides are commonly applied to the soil in a liquid form as a barrier treatment. Although these chemical pesticides are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, it's imperative to have these chemicals applied by a pest control professional.

Termite baits are also commonly used when feasible to prevent the overuse of insecticides. This type of termite control is made from cellulose and cardboard. When termites eat these materials, they ingest a slow acting insecticide that's been added to the bait.

Homeowners who believe they have a termite problem should contact the experts at Ortex Termite & Pest Control. This family owned company provides professional and reliable service for termites and other household pests, such as ants, bed bugs, spiders and fleas. Additional services provided by this company include fungus treatments, waterproofing, moisture barriers and structural damage repairs.


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